Newest product Bluetooth Headphones released!

Newest product Bluetooth Headphones released!

Our company’s latest Bluetooth headphones were listed this month!

As the development of  technologies, intelligent Bluetooth headphone occurs more and more often in our lives. With the currently busy working, we need to free our hands to do more things. Not only a good Bluetooth headphone will liberate on our hands from the phone, but also to ensure that we do not miss any important phone.

For drivers, Bluetooth headphone, truly liberated hands and enhance driving safety. And also pure sound quality and simple mode of operation lets you enjoy unlimited communication and carefree.

Global leading brand Eseence Technology launches Bluetooth headphones which are not only a dozen of simple models but also to be a good helper for you.


  1. I love these bluetooth headphone, it’s amazingly elegant. Please send me more product info. Thanks.

  2. Nice to meet you guys on the fair. Just cant wait to see your new models.

    • Hi Shawn, it’s pleasure meeting you on the show in HK. We hope to show you our latest models the soonest possible too.

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