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Why Using Wood?// Headset made of Wood

Wood chamber is superior for acoustic reproduction. That’s why piano, guitar, violin, drum, saxophone are made of wood. Wood casing instruments produce much better smooth and natural sound than plastic or metal.

Our real wood housing headset contributes warm, rich and booming sound with enhanced bass, warm midrange and clear highs. With passive noise cancellation technology to minimize ambient sounds, our wooden headset is proud to deliver high quality and powerful stereo audio in high fidelity.

Some of our woods:

Ebony Wood

Ebony WoodThis kind of wood is of higher density, harder and heavier than other woods, is able to sink in the water. It gives the most perfect and abundant resonance of different type of music. It’s often used for five-star hotel interiors and expensive tea sets.The texture of ebony is normally bold lines, very exquisite and color can be ranged from dark brown to pitch black.

Cherry Wood

Cherry WoodCherry wood is often used to make high end furniture like cabinets, high class tobacco pipes and boat interiors. Its medium strength is fantastic to produce sensitive, sharp and vivid sound. Texture is clear and rounded brown pith flecks and sometimes small gum pocket. Color can be ranged from rich red to reddish-brown.

Walnut Wood

Walnut WoodWalnut is used to make doors, floors and art crafts. It has excellent anti-corrosion quality free for worms and bugs. Light weight property features extra clear highs. Walnut normally has MOKU and wave texture. Color can be ranged from light brown to dark chocolate.


BambooOur economical Bamboo is widely used in chairs and tables. Its extreme light weight and glossy surface provide a ringing and fresh sound response. Featured with slim and scar-like spots texture. Color is normally ranged from yellow to light orange.

Carefully Choosen Material

Every piece of component and material we choose are carefully selective. The solid wood we use are imported from Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam which are economic-harvest for sustainable use. We have 8 years of experience of sound reproduction items. From amplifier to lead wire, we adopt high-quality material to ensure high acoustic fidelity and long working life.
Carefully Choosen Material

Excellent Workmanship

Supported with 8mm driver and technology, we are proud to offer elegant products with warm, rich and booming sound. Cutting-edge equipment brings you smooth, clean and natural music experience with delicate wood housing for both musical and home studio applications.
Excellent Workmanship

Strict Quality Control

Our company is certified by ISO9001/2000 and products pass Rohs, CE and FCC. Inspection penetrates in every procedure of production. Each batch of production must go through strict test, channel balance test, overload test and plugging test to list a few.
Strict Quality Control

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